A mission of care and safety

Since 1986, thousands of abused and neglected children in Tallahassee and the surrounding nine counties have found shelter, comfort and a sense of normalcy through a local charity – Tree House of Tallahassee, Inc. As the organization celebrates 25 years of quietly supporting children, both the benefits it provides to area children and its current needs for support from the community are highly pronounced, with approximately 10 new children entering a Tree House facility each month.

Though many children, ages two to 12 years-old, brought to Tree House are victims of domestic abuse, there are a wide range of reasons a child may be placed in one of two homes operated by the organization. Increasingly, children whose parents have lost their jobs and are financially unable to support them are being placed in the homes until a more stable permanent environment is available.

In all cases, the individuals and families involved receive the counseling they need while the children live in a nurturing environment and continue with their day-to-day routines. Though many operational costs of Tree House are sustained by partnerships with Capital City Youth Services and the Department of Children and Families, private donations and fundraisers organized by the board of the directors and volunteers are necessary to keep the charity functioning.