Creating a Safe Haven for Teens

On September 2, 2014, Due to the overwhelming success of the 8th Annual Fast Cars and Mason Jars fundraising event, Tree House, Inc. of Tallahassee proudly announced a partnership with Capital City Youth Services extending its care of children in the Big Bend area to teenagers – ages 16-19. Through this partnership, Tree House provides Transitional Living Counselors for teens struggling with issues ranging from family disputes to homelessness and offers life-skill classes, such as budgeting and resume writing, that help prepare these teens for adult responsibilities.

Capital City Youth Services supplies their expert staff to aid these young adults and assist with their educational development, employment and independent living opportunities. “The Transitional Living Program counselors have gone well beyond their duties in helping me figure out my next steps. My counselors have become like family and I hope that one day I’ll be able to give back too,” said Brittney Belk, current program resident. ‘Child welfare is our mission no matter what age they are. We are thrilled to be influencing an additional group of kids during a very pivotal point in their lives through this collaborative partnership,” said Andy Fink, Board President of Tree House of Tallahassee, Inc. “It’s wonderful to see another charitable organization interested in joining forces for a greater good. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Tree House is filling a void and funding a program that will benefit youth in transition and the community greatly,” said Kevin Priest, President and CEO of Capital City Youth Services. The partnership between Tree House, Inc. and Capital City Youth allows for both organizations to better serve children and young adults in the Big Bend area. By working together, they hope to serve as a model for community collaboration.

Tree House Tallahassee is pleased to extend its outreach and continuum of care to more children in our community with this new program.